I am blown away by how quickly “You Are the Hero” is growing and that is largely due to your willingness to share this project with your friends and family. THANK YOU!

For those of you who are just joining us, You Are the Hero aka YATH, is an art project that aims to help uplift and inspire sick children by illustrating them as superheroes of their own design.

Through YATH, children who are living with chronic, life-changing or potentially life-threatening illnesses can envision themselves as the superhero they’ve always wanted to be. They can invent their own superhero name, have any powers or fantastic abilities they desire, and even design their own costume. Their vision of themselves as a superhero will be realized in the form of a fun and dynamic digital illustration done by myself.

I am committed to creating these illustrated heroes for FREE! However, having been in operation for just a few days, I already have several weeks worth of submissions. I am excited to say that YATH has become my full-time job practically overnight. With that said, I’ve created a way for YATH supporters to help fund this project so that it can continue to grow and encourage kids around the world!

You can simply and securely make a donation at the link below. No amount is too small! Thank you in advance for supporting this new project and as a result positively impacting many deserving kids and their families.


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