Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make Superhero Submission as easy as possible while collecting enough information to make the best Superhero we can! Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers:

How does it work?

The first step is to fill-out and submit the Superhero Form. This form contains a series of questions that will help us in creating your child’s illustration. Questions such as the ones mentioned above like, “What would your superhero name be?”, etc. In addition, we ask that you include a photo of your child, this is to ensure that the likeness in the image is correct.

However, we understand that privacy is of the utmost importance. Parents/guardians can opt to not include a photograph, in which case we ask that you simply provide a description of your child as an alternative. Things like hair, eye, and skin color as well as height and hair length will help ensure that the illustration is accurate.

There is no priority waiting list and the illustrations are completed on a simple “first-come, first-serve” basis. Once the information you’ve submitted has been received, we will begin to work on the illustration itself once I have completed the previous submissions.

** These illustrations are completely free of charge and you are not asked to pay anything.

Is there an age limit?

Any youth under the age of 18 is eligible.

How many illustrations may I order?

At the moment we request that you only order one illustration per child.

How long does it take?

This depends entirely on the volume of requests we currently have. Due to the current number of submissions, you can generally expect to receive your illustration approximately eight weeks after submitting your form. However, that time may increase or decrease depending on the current number of submissions.

How will I receive my completed illustration?

A digital copy of your completed illustration will be submitted to the parent’s email address that you include when you fill out the Superhero Form. We hope to eventually be able to offer a wide variety of high-quality prints, but as of yet we can only distribute the finished images digitally.

Direct Notice to Parents

In order to create an illustration, You Are the Hero will request the following information about your child (although most of it is optional):

  • Name
  • Age (optional)
  • Diagnosed condition (optional)
  • Photograph (optional)
  • Description of child’s likeness

The parent or guardian’s consent will ultimately be required in order to submit the electronic Superhero Form. If consent is not given, the form will not be sent and no information will be collected.