COPPA Compliant Privacy Policy

Your privacy is guaranteed. None of the information provided to YATH will be shared with or used by other persons or organizations outside of 'You Are the Hero'.

Information is collected by Bryan Dyer (owner, operator, and creator of ‘You Are the Hero’).

Contact information:

  • Child information requested includes name, age (optional), diagnosed condition (optional), photograph of child (optional) or description of child’s likeness.
  • Information is collected through an electronic submission form filled out out by parent or guardian.
  • Information collected is used solely for the purposes of creating a unique illustration for the individual child.
  • None of the information provided by the parent, guardian, or child will at any point be shared with or sold to third party companies unless otherwise notified and permission is received.
  • Should the possibility that data could potentially be shared with third parties arise in the future, the parent or guardian has the option to agree to the collection and use of the child’s information without consenting to the disclosure of the information to said third parties. In that case, private information would never be shared with third parties without the consent of the parents or guardians.
  • The operator (Bryan Dyer) may not require a parent/guardian or child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation.
  • The parent or guardian can review the child’s personal information, ask to have it deleted and refuse to allow any further collection or use of the child’s information. The parent or guardian can ask that the operator remove the personal information of the child included in the illustration itself (name and age) if said illustration is to be included in the online gallery.

Direct Notice to Parents

In order to create an illustration, You Are the Hero will request the following information about your child (although most of it is optional):

  • Name
  • Age (optional)
  • Diagnosed condition (optional)
  • Photograph (optional)
  • Description of child’s likeness

The parent or guardian’s consent will ultimately be required in order to submit the electronic Superhero Form. If consent is not given, the form will not be sent and no information will be collected.