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Transforming Kids Into The Superheroes They Truly Are

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You Are The Hero!

If you could be any superhero, who would you be? What powers would you have? What would your superhero name be? Just imagine…

These are questions we all think about when we’re young. There’s something about the idea of being a superhero that speaks to all of us. You Are The Hero is a charitable organization which was inspired by that attraction to super-heroics. 

Through art, we help children who are living with a chronic, life changing illnesses to envision themselves as the superhero they’ve always wanted to be. We aim to uplift and inspire sick kids around the world. 

Meet Some of the Superheroes

Our Superhero Mission

Our Mission at You Are The Hero is providing hope and support to children and families living with chronic illness. Our heroes and their stories educate and empower children and inspire communities.

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To use art to lift up our superhero kids and show off their super powers in new and exciting ways!

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To spread knowledge and awareness of the chronic illnesses that our superhero kids manage and fight every day!

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To contribute to a system of support and encouragement for the families and friends of every superhero kid

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To build a community of sidekicks that support our superhero kids through donations, volunteering and art.

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