Welcome to You Are the Hero (or YATH). We are a charitable organization which was inspired by an attraction to super-heroics. Through YATH, children who are living with a chronic, life changing illnesses can envision themselves as the superhero they’ve always wanted to be. 

Our Superhero Kids can invent their own superhero name, have any powers or fantastic abilities they desire, and even design their own costume! Their vision of themselves as a superhero will be realized in the form of a fun and dynamic digital illustration which is provided free of charge.

Our Mission

To provide hope and support to children and families living with chronic illnesses. 

Our heroes and their stories educate and empower children and inspire communities.

Our Vision

To empower youth in need to embrace their superhero identity and share their heroic story.

Our goal Is to uplift sick children    Around the world

You Are The Hero Provides Its Services 100% Free of Charge!

All of our work is done for free in order to ease the burden on the families having to cope with sometimes tough situations. You Are The Hero is supported by corporate and individual donors that support our Mission financially. 

If you’d like to become a supporter, follow the link below. We appreciate any support that you can give! 

Meet our Founder

Our Story 3

Bryan Dyer- Founder and Lead Artist

Hello! My name is Bryan Dyer - I'm a professional illustrator and a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. I have had a life-long interest in superheroes and passion for creating exciting and engaging artwork for younger audiences. For my thesis project during my senior year in college I wrote and illustrated a comic book designed to educate children about Type 1 diabetes. It was while working on that project that I came to understand how the lives of millions of children are affected by chronic diseases and disorders.

This is what ultimately inspired me to create 'You Are the Hero'. If my art can bring even just a little bit of joy and happiness to a child who may be going through a life altering or even life threatening illness, then it's all worth it.

Besides, who doesn't love superheroes?