Wow – that’s all I can really say. I am completely blown away by the support for You Are the Hero! We’ve only been live for a couple of days and the response has been immeasurably positive.

A little over a year ago this was merely an idea in the back of my head, and up until about a month ago that’s where it stayed. But then I got an itch to work on something new, something different. I decided to take a shot and try to bring this idea to fruition. Fast forward to now, and I’m overjoyed at the reactions I’ve been getting from people all around the web. Not to mention we’ve got our very first official hero with “Dino-Liam: The Cancer Crusher”. Liam is an amazing little guy, who you can read more about him here on his facebook page “Love for Liam”. Be sure to check out Dino-Liam in the “Newest Heroes” section or in the “Hero Gallery”.

This is just the beginning, I have lofty ambitions for YATH going forward. But for now, let’s draw some awesome pictures of some amazingly creative and brave kids.

– Bryan, Founder of You Are The Hero

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